Randy Ehrlich Photography

Randy Ehrlich was born in Brooklyn, New York (before it was trendy). At the age of eight, he started making Black and White photographs at summer camp in upstate New York. Soon after entering Long Island University, he discovered that he had a unique perspective of the world, a natural eye for composition, and met his Photography Mentor, Arthur Leipzig. Arthur, who was a member of the famous/infamous Photo League and an amazingly talented photographer in his own right, guided Randy and convinced him that he actually had a gift for naturally capturing images, and visually communicating in a unique and artful way. The love of the "magical" darkroom blossomed during his years at college, and Randy became proficient at photography. He spent many waking (and some non-waking) hours working as a photo-lab assistant..... CONTINUED

Multi-Image 5' x 2'

"Randy Ehrlich's Abstraction nearly
bowled me over when I saw it on exhibition in Houston."

—Helmut Gernsheim, one of the foremost scholars of the history of photography, and certainly the most notable